Are You Ready to Move to PowerFAIDS® Cloud?


Expert database migration for PowerFAIDS® Desktop to PowerFAIDS® Cloud.


Apple Pi Consulting has built a proprietary process which allows us to replicate your old database in the new PowerFAIDS® Cloud system.


  1. We provide you a list of all the parameters you can clean up before migration to save you time and money.
  2. We update all of your parameters like selection sets, reports, etc. to the new fields.
  3. We have experts enter your parameters.
  4. We complete a 100% quality control review to make sure the replication is perfect.
  5. We hand you the keys to a completely replicated system in PowerFAIDS® Cloud.


Apple Pi Migration Expertise Apple Pi Migration & Conversion Expertise

CHECKPowerFAIDS® Desktop to PowerFAIDS® Cloud (2022-2025)

CHECKPowerFAIDS® Sybase to PowerFAIDS® .NET (2007)

CHECKMicroFAIDS® to PowerFAIDS® (1995)

CHECKMyriad legacy system migrations to PowerFAIDS®


Months Into Hours

Translating Parameters & Data Entry Time Reduced from Months to Hours

It would take months to learn the new fields and screens to then perform the replication in PowerFAIDS® Cloud.  Our process identifies the parameters to extract and translate, and then performs the migration for you.

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"Apple Pi's PowerFAIDS® Clould Migration service allows already-lean financial aid offices to continue to offer their current level of support without interruption while we replicate their existing parameters into the new PowerFAIDS® Cloud system with complete confidence in both speed and accuracy."

-Dr. Valerie Mockus, President

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