Give Your PowerFAIDS® Database a Clean Bill of Health in Less Than an Hour*

  1. Catch Costly Compliance Issues
  2. Identify Configuration Challenges
  3. Identify Underutilized Features
  4. Audit Over 100 Critical Issues
  5. Read-Only Access Data Protection


You have never given your PowerFAIDS® database a system audit because the technology has never been available. Until now.


*Typical database audit, individual audit duration may vary.

  • "Running COMpiLER was as easy as taking our car to the shop for a 100-point inspection.  It was super easy to use and we received feedback within minutes!  And after reviewing the exhaustive list results, we knew exactly what areas needed to be addressed. COMpiLER will improve the way your office does financial aid!" 

    Zak Stewart
    Financial Aid Administrator
    Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science

  • “Running the COMpiLER product was a very simple process which allowed me to quickly identify areas my team needed to focus on. The results are easy to read and truly tell the story of our system. I shared those results with my AVP and VP and they quickly realized my office was under-staffed and I was immediately approved to hire another full-time staff member! And I now have more free time to work on process improvements to ensure our system is working the way we need it to!”

    Beth Davenport
    Director of Financial Aid
    Mount Mercy University

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COMpiLER™ will improve the way your office does financial aid!

"COMpiLER Has Changed How We Work With New Clients."

-Dr. Valerie Mockus, President

15 year of Best Practices

16 Years Of Best Practices Loaded Into One Tool
For sixteen years, Apple Pi Consulting has been diligently cataloging best practices with PowerFAIDS® and, conversely, we have documented common problems and misuses. With COMpiLER, we created technology to diagnose PowerFAIDS® databases and provide detailed reporting on over 100 critical issues. The first ever PowerFAIDS® systems auditing. 

Weeks Into Hours

Weeks Of Consulting Time Reduced To Hours
It would take weeks for a consultant to truly understand the current state of the entire system of a new client.  Within hours COMpiLER provides excellent reporting on the most problematic aspects of any system.

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